Day 1-On Our Way

Monday, June 9, 2014-Day 1

The weather was sunny and nice as 18 students and two professors gathered at the bus from all directions in Winona.

After finding our seats and storing our suitcases under the bus, we put on our travel study T-shirts on and grouped up for a picture in front of the bus.

Many people came to see us off. History department liaison Michelle Eggerichs, a Winona Daily News photographer, and the spouses of the history professors were all in attendance as the bus pulled away from the curb.

The itinerary said we were leaving at nine in the morning but we actually didn’t pull away from the curb until 9:40 a.m.

Cris, our bus driver for the trip, said that she has “never lost a single person” on the trips that she drives. We were assigned numbers and the plan is to count off every time we leave a location. We should have 21 people on the bus.

As of right now, we are nearing Wisconsin Dells and plan to stop for lunch soon. We will stay at La Quinta Inn in Edinburgh, Ind.

Right now, most of us are sleeping, chatting, or listening to music. This bus has Wi-Fi too, therefore a few of us are glued to our computers (ahem, myself included).

However, the Wi-Fi is about as fast as “Internet Explorer on a 90’s dial-up connection,” so time will tell how many people are desperate to get on the Internet before they give up.

It’s a long ways to Indiana and I believe we are also going to watch a few movies and have discussion about the Civil Rights Movement.

Group Picture


One thought on “Day 1-On Our Way

  1. This looks like a great group and a very interesting trip. I’m sure you’ll all learn a lot, and enjoy the process. Have fun, be safe, and take lots of photos. I’m going to enjoy reading the blog and watching your progress.

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